Digital product design
for startups, agencies & small business


Legal Rocket

A digital law startup with a platform that allows users to rapidly generate template-based legal documents, customised to their needs.

Car Next Door

Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform. I worked with them remotely over 18 months on their website and web & mobile apps.

A social site enabling users to share stunning, digital-SLR optimised ''s of adventures with friends, family and the phojo community.


A mobile app to help cyclists get about town with the help of a filter system custom made for pedal powered vehicles.

Sustainability Aware

A series of educational apps made to inform and engage kids about our planet, our way of life and choices we can make to live more sustainably.


A lush, tropical garden cafe co-founded with my partner during our time in Vietnam. A peaceful haven for coffee lovers and digital nomads.
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