A decade in creative digital

locase creates beautiful digital solutions built for success.

For over 10 years locase has been helping companies connect with their audiences through smart design and digital. Whatever your project needs, locase has the experience and flexibility to make it happen.

Our approach is ...


In everything we do, we’re focussed on the needs of the end user. We strive for clear communication, usability and interfaces that are a delight for people to use.


As designers first, we're passionate about creating beautiful interfaces. The interplay of typography, colour choices, mood, aesthetics, communication… this is what drives us.


We like to approach challenges with a creative outlook – taking a step back to have a problem look at what the problem is and thinking outside the box.

Future facing

We’re not hung up on the old ways of doing things. We believe in making full use of the latest digital tools and technology – finding new ways to solve problems.

Results focussed

We are focussed on creating results that provide tangible value to your business. Making a pretty website isn't enough, we want to help you get business in the door.


We want our work to have meaning and purpose in the world. We believe in the power of the web to create a better, more sustainable and equitable world.

//think about it


Outlined below is our structured website creation process which we follow to ensure success. Each site we make is a collaborative process — we rely on your feedback and input at every step.



We work with you to define the needs and scope of the project.


Sitemap and wireframing

This is the blueprint for your site. We clarify the strucutre of the site, it's pages and elements.


Visual design

Defining the visual style from the ground up or working with your existing brand guidelines.



Building the design into a functioning website and setting it up for you to update.



When everything is working beautifully, it’s time to go live.



We don’t leave you stranded. We also have maintenance packages if you need ongoing assistance.

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Hi, I'm Luke

Designer developer. Bedroom DJ. Kitchen barista. Bleeding heart vegetarian. Ex-expat. New dad.

locase is headed up by Luke Sharrock, a digital creative with over 15 years in the industry.

A born and bred Melbournian, Luke has recently relocated to Blackwood - a lovely, tiny bush town an hour out of Melbourne. When not pushing pixels, he keeps himself busy renovating the old mid-century holiday shack he bought there, alongside his wife Sarah.

Luke lived and worked in Vietnam for 5 years, returning home to Australia in 2017. While there, he continued to run locase, did volunteer work, launched various startups and founded a coffee shop.

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