Freelance Webflow design Melbourne, Australia

Locase offers freelance Webflow design and development services in Melbourne and beyond.

We’re Webflow experts and love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on this platform.

locase is headed up by Luke, a digital creative with over 15 years design experience. In this time he has worked freelance (remote and in-house) for tiny startups, big corporates, government, publishing companies … you name it!

Why Webflow?

Anything is possible

Webflow lets designers build custom websites visually, from scratch. Every single detail is customisable. Where other site builders are frustratingly limited, Webflow offers creative freedom and an infinite canvas of possibilities. No more hacking away at restrictive WordPress templates or trying to get plugins to bend to your needs.

Fast load, clean code

Webflow was built for the modern internet and doesn’t come burdened with decades of bloat. It produces solid, production level code that puts other visual editors (Muse, Wix, Squarespace) to shame. Unlike WordPress, it doesn’t rely on legacy technology, so Webflow sites are fast and SEO friendly.

Secure sites for peace of mind

If you’ve ever suffered the headache of a hacked WordPress site, you know there has to be a better way. With Webflow, security is built into the service, including free SSL certificates and constant threat monitoring. With Webflow, upgrades are part of the platform - which makes maintenance of your site a breeze when compared to WordPress constantly hassling you to update everything.

Great user experience for clients

Webflow’s editor is simple, intuitive and allows you to edit right on the page! It’s perfect for collaboration between designer and client. Meanwhile the WordPress admin dashboard continues to be a maze of confusing and irrelevant options. It started as a blog platform and was never the ideal solution for creating modern websites. Thankfully now, thanks to Webflow, there’s another way.

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