Car Next Door


Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform. We worked with them to refine their web presence and develop the UX of their web & mobile apps.


Building trust with considered product design

Car Next Door is an ambitious startup aiming to redefine how Australians use and own cars. To take on such a lofty mission, you need a wealth of tools to help change public mindset. Smart product design is an integral tool in explaining your offering and building the foundations of trust with new users.
In mid-2015 we were approached by Car Next Door to help revamp their website. At the time, their web presence was less than ideal, in terms of visual appeal and usability. They had a great existing brand, but it was not being utilised on their marketing site, which had been built with very little design input.
They were keen for growth but struggling with a communication challenge - how to market your product to two distinct market segments - in their case, car owners and car borrowers. The site was trying to do both things and once and the resulting message was unclear.
In particular, there was a challenge with bringing new owners to the platform. To attract more owners, CND needed alleviate fears around people’s willingness to share their car. People are obviously very protective of their cars, and many were worried cars being misused, damaged, not available and insurance issues. The concept of car sharing was new to Australia and people struggled to “get their heads around” the idea.
Given the nature of this product offering, the platform had many unique aspects involved in the borrowing process, which had to be communicated clearly to users. For example, the process of unlocking the car needed to be explained visually.
The nature of CND’s product offering goes well beyond usual digital startup concerns and involves many unique and complex considerations - all of which need to be carefully communicated to users. For example, the process users need to follow to unlock a car or the safe-guards in place to protect against car damage issues.
Multiple versions of the homepage were produced for testing

A communication solution to bring it all together

Tackling these issues involved careful consideration of communication tone and visual mood.
User processes needed to be explained clearly and engagingly when users are first onboarded and also throughout the borrowing process. Important procedural info needed to be given prominence to draw attention to it. On top of this, the tone needed to be easygoing and trustworthy.
Working with the stakeholders at CND and our team of developers in Vietnam, we created a new, responsive web design presence which addressed these issues.
Fitting within the existing brand style, we created numerous design iterations that addressed these issues whilst retaining a colourful, visually appealing and enticing style. These solutions portrayed the Car Next Door community as one you would want to be a part of.
We conducted user testing on these designs to explore any issues, allowing us to hone in on user pain-points. Aspects of the site were also A/B tested and redeveloped in response to these findings, as well as other data.

Creating a logical, smooth customer experience from end-to-end

The success of the web site project naturally lead to working on improvements to CND’s mobile and web apps. This had already been touched upon during the development of the public facing site, which flowed on into consideration of the entire user sign up process and beyond.
The sign up process was somewhat long and unwieldy, with data showing that potential new users were dropping off as a result.
The member’s area also faced issues with layout and structure which affected usability. CND had a loyal base of users who had become accustomed to the navigation of the apps; but to enable growth the site needed to become more usable and friendly to newcomers. Working to improve the UX across the product suite, we created design solutions to smooth out friction points with user’s needs in mind.
Designing the app was a large undertaking involving reworking many aspects of the product.
App screenshots
Process work for a new feature added to the service - a review system allowing users to provide feedback on their experience with the product. locase mapped out and designed the process for this system from user flow diagram to wireframes to a polished design. This aspect of the product was then revised and refined in consultation with users and the team at CND.
Feedback system
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