A lush, tropical garden cafe founded during our time in Vietnam. A peaceful haven for coffee lovers and digital nomads.

Ever dreamt of starting that perfect little cafe? Me too.

A daydream becomes reality

Upon frequent business trips to Danang, central Vietnam, we would struggle to find a cafe we wanted to spend any time. Laptop friendly coffee shops with free WiFi and comfy seating abound in Vietnam, especially in Saigon, where we’d been living for 5 years. But in this city, we struggled to find anywhere with the right atmosphere ... let-alone a decent coffee! The idea for SIX ON SIX was born.
The cafe is set in a lush tropical garden within a large villa. It’s tucked away in the backstreets near the beach, making for a peaceful getaway from the hustle of Vietnam’s somewhat chaotic city life. The cafe attracts a large following of laptop workers and digital nomads, balanced with a healthy mix of locals, tourists and expats.
Due to its hidden location, we relied heavily on social media and digital presence to build the brand. This digital campaign paid off - the cafe rapidly became a hit and continues to run successfully.
As well as social media and web design, we also created all visual output for the cafe, such as branding, menus, signage, packaging and other collateral. We also designed the cafe’s interior, exterior spaces and kitchen – sourcing or designing all furniture and equipment.
social media graphics

The brand name is a reference to the street address, 6/6 Che Lan Vien. This double-barelled address structure is common throughout Vietnam, but the way on saying it "sau tren sau" or "six on six" is unique to Danang.
custom shaped business cards
fancy a souvenir?
wall art inspired by hand-painted Vietnamese street signage
SIX ON SIX's following grew rapidly and continues to run successfully, having been sold to new owners, as we returned home to Australia. Spending years in Vietnam and starting this business was a life experience that we cherish deeply.
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