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A modern online presence for a trusted, long-established boutique law firm.


Time for change

The client was very attached to their existing site, but there had been some rumblings that it may be getting a little long in the tooth, and wasn't representative of where the company had progressed to in recent years.
After discussing the issue in depth with the client, we recommended impartial user testing as the best way to explore the site's true public perception.
The testing found that the old site could be perceived as a bit "cheap", which may have been giving the wrong impression the level of service you could expect from the firm. And obviously, it did not align with how the company wanted to be seen!
homepage design
site design

A rework respectful of brand history

So locase was engaged to address this issue within a website redesign project to help lift the image of the brand and give the company a more suitable, prestigious online image.
Our design adapted the exisiting branding to modern web standards. The tone of the site strikes an appropriate balance between professionalism and approachability. The site was designed and built by locase in Webflow.
The site is regularly being iterated on - with the focus always on improving engagement and conversion rates.
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