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// Spoke app

A mobile app to help cyclists get about town with the help of a filter system custom made for pedal powered vehicles.


An app to set you on the right path

Toward the end of a busy work day, you find yourself cutting the timing tight for a meeting across town. Grabbing your bicycle, you hurriedly plug in your destination on your phone and rush off. Next thing you know you find yourself pedalling down Hoddle Street, Melbourne's busiest arterial, with cars zooming past at 70kph. Just being on a bike on that road is bad enough, let alone trying to cut across lanes of endless streaming of cars merging onto the freeway. From then on, you swear to avoid Hoddle at all costs.
This exact situation - that locase founder Luke experienced - is the motivation behind Spoke: a navigation app that caters specifically to cyclists wanting to have more control over their journey.
Some map based apps have a "cycling" setting, but those settings are not particularly smart. With this concept design for Spoke, we set out to fill this gap. This app would be tailored to the needs of cyclists on any given day. The centrepiece of the app is the ability to filter and prioritise various route options.
Do you want to take the scenic route or just get there in a hurry? Do you want to avoid the main roads and stay safe on side streets? Want to take a different route than normal to break up the routine? Or perhaps you're up for a hilly challenge today? Spoke's filter settings will set you on the right path!