Sustainability Aware


A series of educational apps made to inform and engage kids about our planet, our way of life and choices we can make to live more sustainably.


“Full stack” creative direction and business development

Sustainability Aware is a large-scale passion project which locase wrote, designed and developed in-house. We lead the creative process, assembling a team of illustrators, teachers, designers, writers and editors who all contributed to the project. Together we completed a series of 6 interactive iPad books which were launched on the app store in 2015.
With an ambitious scope, the project covered a number of titles and various age levels.
The series was aligned with the Australian curriculum and the language carefully sculpted to appropriate reading levels.
screenshots from "powering our planet"
The project encompassed many aspects of creativity and design, and employed a wide variety of creative software. We were early adopters of Adobe’s eBook / app development software, Digital Publishing Suite, which we used for the creation of the series. The apps were laid out in InDesign, with After Effects, Premiere and Edge Animate being used for interactive elements.

Using creativity to promote an important cause

With our background in educational publishing design, we took our knowledge of developing educational content and put it to use for a cause we're passionate about  - sustainability. We believe the message of sustainability is vital to get out there and we were inspired to do so through an interactive digital product.
One of the challenges of the series was unpacking complicated scientific topics and difficult subject matter related to climate change and environmental issues. We endeavoured to handle this content in a way that kids would find engaging and positive, using design and interactivity.
The graphic style is bright, friendly and down to earth, without becoming overly playful given the gravity of the issues being covered. Layouts of every screen are also clear, legible and highly visual. To keep the content engaging, we utilised a mix of video, animations, activities and pop-ups. The text had a tappable glossary for trickier terms, so readers could understand the meaning in real-time.
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